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Celebrating success at Cannex

Following winning Gold at the recent Supplier Innovation Awards at CanTech The Grand Tour in Istanbul, Turkey, SLAC Precision Equipment company enjoyed another successful Cannex & Fillex exhibition from 1-3 May 2019 in Denver, Colorado.

The SLAC Group team were on hand to provide delegates information on its new Digital Printing mini-line and its Hexad Conversion Press.

SLAC’s mini-line concepts centres around SLAC’s new digital printer, which lowers the traditional volume threshold for DWI and opens up low-cost opportunities for annual volumes of 75m cans, many times less than the generally accepted minimum for conventional DWI. One of the highlights of the show was seeing the new mini-line as a model design on the stand, which attracted significant interest from delegates.

As well as the mini-line and digital printer, SLAC’s new Hexad conversion press for beverage end proved to be popular. The machine has a rated speed of 4,500 ends per minute, the same footprint as a four-out machine, but produces 50 per cent more volume. The press also has a metal utilisation saving of four and a half per cent due to the more efficient strip layout.

 In the Canmaker Technical Conference, our board member Richard Moore was also able to provide an update on SLAC’S Mini-line concept: an industrial solution for digital printing.

With Richard’s wealth of experience at Pechiney, American National Can, Impress and Ardagh, Richard was able to provide delegates information of the potential cost saving potential of the mini-line, and SLAC’s proposed Hive initiative, which means companies will be able to track their can making equipment, increasing productivity.

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